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Wondering abt balance....

This is a discussion on Wondering abt balance.... within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; It would be good idea. But warrior with good skill at pk=dead sin. Sins cant do minor combo much cuz ...
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    It would be good idea.

    But warrior with good skill at pk=dead sin. Sins cant do minor combo much cuz of low mana and they cant wear 300+ pots with them.
    Warrior can own sin in DCZ anytime and warrior dosent have to use 10+ skills so its easy for warriors to pwn in dcz.
    Just relax run in bowl spamm sword aura and pwn all sins. :lol:


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    no no, i dont want wipe out spike, it will be better to delete leet feet )

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    IMHO, the reason this keeps coming up is because of two things.

    People forget that many chars that have been playing for 8 months or longer are in DCZ now, because the player decided at lvl 59 "heck with it, I'll stay here and pwn instead of grinding another year". Those are main chars, and they have good armor and items. Yes, a sin with +8 chitin and +8 mirage, with PP and Skele Belt, maybe a ROL, is a little hard to kill. And he'll hit you really hard. Twink up the same way, and you'll be a match for him. I'll bet very few of the mages that complain about it are wearing +8 chitin, and carrying an elixir +7. Same thing goes for warriors.

    Second reason is because of DLW. Sins in a party usually get most of the kills. What doesn't show is the effect of debuffs, or the warriors that did 2/3 of the damage, when a sin got in the last blow with spike. Spike probably won't kill a warrior with decent armor (or even a mage with +7 chitin health armor) but it sure can take that last 30% in a hurry. People see that and figure "sins pwn", when it isn't true.

    I've been a lvl 59 in gob chitin in the DLW after Drake, with PP and dual Kek rings, and I certainly didn't "pwn all" and solo everything in sight. I got my share of kills, but so did everyone else.

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