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Wtf Arena Hackings is Edana, Others?

This is a discussion on Wtf Arena Hackings is Edana, Others? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; K2 can repair this; so dont believe in them cause i lost my warrior in beramus lvl 62, 180k nps ...
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    K2 can repair this; so dont believe in them cause i lost my warrior in beramus lvl 62, 180k nps good items,freedom clan etc... so i tried too much times and unic thing i have done is change the mail and the secret question. they dont understand why "RESET MY PASSWORD" means... i know that my char was hacked, cause only my bro and i knew the password. who did it??? mmm K2 maybe? yes, someone sold the account in ebay and a stupid rogue called XTR in beramus bought it. he havent changed the id or other items. so what i lost there? :

    +8 shells and chitins,
    +8 raptor,
    +7 giga axe,
    unique jewelry
    a lot of scrolls and TOO MUCH CASH POINTS
    Trinas and other stuff from bosses in the warehouse

    of course a lot of gold premiums like all of you

    Be sure u will lose your char forever and someone will play with him

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    and other thing, they ONLY have to check the logs of your character between the hours u have been hacked. it is saved all of your trades, merchants, items burnt or other information. all is saved 100%. so its "hard" to find what have " the hacker done" exactly; only remember the time u were hacked and they can say you if u have traded all your items to someone etc...

    And for example, a friend mine entering the game with his account tried to log in beramus (normal day) so WOW he appeared with the ::Comeonbaby:: character in colony zone...

    The good thing is that my friend was honest and he quited game, mmm he could traded me shells+8, rols, shards+8 etc... so all pple is not a 12 yr old turk

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    Originally posted by StPetersburg+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(StPetersburg)</div>
    the only guy i feel sorry for is fear, the rest are koxpers/scammers/dupers that deserve what they got (probably account deleted by a gm i hope).

    i'm sorry for about u too ooojeem even u beat me always but i havent got problem with u

    i hope all legal players wil l get their items get least i want it.. :mellow:

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    Originally posted by cake_is_amazing+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(cake_is_amazing)</div>
    and igetbadlaggduringsex hacked i heard
    wtf is going on edana?

    There is a difference here, I don't know what happened to the rest but I know that RedRain had some of his items disappear after a dc, but there were still some good ones on there and he still has complete access to his account. Others like Fear can't even get on there accounts. I know that the same thing that happened to Red happened to Zanin but when he contacted CS and got some of his stuff back. I really don't know what is going on, a lot of people are getting hacked and/or items getting deleted.[/b]
    thats what happened to me servers went down so i went to be i woke up and all my equips were missing + the uniques in my inn and also all my coins no one knows my id info but me so i dont know hacked or k2ed =(

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    Well, I got hacked on Aug. 5 during lunar war. Never have shared my account with anyone, etc. I had been previously hacked before, and got 2 rollback bout 1 month ago, and now same shit? A few other high lvl people got hacked in Ares over the weekend, like Beter the assasin lvl 70. I just d/c from war and signed in 2 minutes later, and all items gone :/ Messaged K2 but no response in 4 day and I am gold premium. Hell, I cannot even log into the website to check my kol or anything. I dunno if they blocked my ip address from accessing my account information? seems very strange....

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