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WTF is fucked up with KO Today?!?!? 22/05/07

This is a discussion on WTF is fucked up with KO Today?!?!? 22/05/07 within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; lol......
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    Wow has cheaters, dupers, gold/item selling chink farmers and alot of turks. Blizzard only has a better cs. As for game, ofc wow is better. But i dont like it, its ghay. For ME ko>wow. But L2/AL>ko. For me, again.

    So b4 posting some smartass story think b4 u post and get ur facts straight. If ppl like ko let them play it. Same for wow. Most of us live in liberal free world. Noone forces us to play wow like they forced chinks to read Mao Tsetung books back in communist china.


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    you cant just get stabbed
    you have to be in a contestant area
    when you start off you are in your territory
    either alliance or horde
    so yeah you are dummy xD

    and you cant get exped!! xD

    its Lupe tama :] just so you know[/b]
    lupey!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^!!! i love u :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Well yeah but the guy in Wow from Southpark got stabbed by some naked dude ! it was gay!

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    Yea you might be playing at a cyber cafe .... Im not completly sure tho

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    well i got the password changed by sending in CS tickets with another account. doesnt really matter since the person who hacked me has my email. he took all the unsealed items and all the coins. somehow he took some of my ares items that were sealed. this included daggers (md8s, shard7s), dol+7, ss+6, full shell set+7, extra shell+7, and other shit i cant remember. all my sealed items on ronark are untouched. but on ares i also lost like 80 or 90gbs. still confused on how he unsealed some of my ares stuff..

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    Thank you for contacting Knight Online Customer Support. I am sorry to hear that you have lost items. Unfortunately, we are unable to verify lost items and, in accordance with our Terms of Use policy, we do not perform any item restorations. To prevent future losses make sure never to share your password. You will want to change your password often. Please be aware that despite what you may have heard or read, we do not "Rollback" anyone and that further requests for lost items will merit a similar response. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding.

    -CSR Jublexus, Knight Online Support Team

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah <_<
    goggogogogogogo k2

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    got hacked few days ago

    i want KE back

    good old days at dts

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    hacked a few noobs few days ago

    i want KOXP back

    good old days at dts exp bugging [/b]
    :huh: :huh: koxper!! :lol:

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    Taking it from the top.

    Playing on someone else&#39;s computer is not smart, they can install a keylogger on their own machine, and you are one sunk puppy.

    Letting someone else have a free hand on your computer is not smart, they can install a remote keylogger and get ALL your information, right down to charging your credit card for premium for the char they stole. They don&#39;t even have to do cheap easy to detect software, they can run this:

    Yes Virginia, even opening email can mess you up. (That is a reference some of you may not get, if not, just ignore it, it&#39;s a local cultural reference.) Joe opening his own email on Jim&#39;s computer can mess Jim up. Opening an email from that in game "friend" can mess you up good.

    Trusting someone with your email or account passwords isn&#39;t smart, obviously they can mess you up real bad.

    Run spyware detectors, scan your machine for viruses regularly, and regular format/reinstall isn&#39;t the worst thing in the world, either.

    Finally, there are only three types of people who play this game, those who have been K2&#39;d, those who are going to be K2&#39;d, and those who will be K2&#39;d again. And that cycle goes forever.

    This game has no security at all. There are SO many ways to get hacked, I won&#39;t even discuss them all, because it will give too many people ideas.

    BTW - note to those who got all excited about the text on sniperspy above - don&#39;t even bother. I NEVER open email from people outside my family on my game computer. Ever. Not even mail from the KO or KU mailboxes.

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