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yet another lvl 70

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    Originally posted by lutz+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(lutz)</div>
    Originally posted by HiddenRage@

    so it gets to be even more humiliating when he loses 1v1
    actually you lost the straight up tank fights so hmmm :rollseyes: (the ones i watched)

    anyways grats shai
    In a 1v1 tank no duff, it's basically whoever has better uniques & a higher level.

    Combos are identical, so whoever has more hp, ac and ap wins. In essence, a battle of numbers.
    If you lose 1v1 to a person with worse stats, you should /quit_ko_now.[/b]
    if thats the case i don't know how many people have quit ko cause of me h43r:

    and btw, i did a tank 1v1 with another bp who had higher hp, ac and ap than me. i still won.. wanna know why? go figure h43r:

    hint: somewhere along the line of devile vs rebelde20...

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