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000000 didnt die, but I ll die

This is a discussion on 000000 didnt die, but I ll die within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I bet you dont have the ballz to do it. Go on, i dare you :lol:...
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    I bet you dont have the ballz to do it. Go on, i dare you :lol:

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    What are you a homo?

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    i think he killed him self O_O

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    Better kill yourself now,don't wanna see how KO is...You will attempt suicide in first week you play and experience the Turks h34r:

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    this is something id expect from koffs or captnmorgan :P[/b]
    speaking of captnmorgan when he was in our clan we killed the hq and got a we this was then there were worth 800-900mil. there was only 5 of us in the party and drop went to him he said he will sell and split money evenly, he sold it and 2 plp got paid and the other 2 didnt, me being 1 of them said he will pay back and never did.

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    I m new user, I ve never played the game before and this is simply my problem: I registered the game from ko offical website, then got the email which had activation link in inbox neither junk nor span then I clicked the activation link in the email then ko web page was opened then entered my user id and password then I got this notice:

    Re-Send Activation Email
    Your email address has not been validated. You will need to validate your email address before being able to login to your MyKOL.
    Having Trouble Activating Your Account?
    If you are having trouble activating your account, please click on the "Re-Send Validation Email" button. An email with the activation URL will be sent to your email address in your account.
    If you are still having trouble activating your account, please report it to the Customer Support Team.
    Then I clicked 'Re-Send Activation Email' so many times and got the same email which has activation link and followed same process but it didnt work, everytime I got the same notice.

    Then I thought maybe My email account which has been used for 8 years has problem, therefore I opened couple more email account from different servers(yahoo, hotmail,gmail...etc), I tried it again but The same problem occured.

    Then I kept someone’s recommendation and Copied the activation link from KO’s email and paste it but it didn’t work as well…

    What should i do to make active my ko account?[/b]

    if you made a hotmail account for the KOW account, you need to actiavte your email before you send the activation email from KOW.
    I've had this happen to me a few times and it is frustrating.

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