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ABout my acc

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    :lol: LOOOOL yeah thats a good clan ^_^

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    Originally posted by CrnaC
    well...i try more than 6 months...

    one period of time I write posts in "My KOL" almost every day...with no answers from them...

    before some time (~ 1 month) they start to answer me (even they start to send me emails on my email address) with:

    "Your account is blocked for duping. This account will remain blocked. Don't contact us any more for that issue. Thank You, Your Customer Support"

    I continue to write, and continue to get same emails (I find out that I'm on some ignore list, what is totaly unfair).

    There is one more thing: I try to explain them: If I'm really duper, I will not use my 62 lvl charachter with high lvl items (I can always create 2 new characters (with 3 days premium) and dupe with them), and...just in case that I'm really that much crazy and dupe with 62 lvl, why should I try for more than half year to explain them that I'm not?! Dupers know that they are guilty, and they don't fight back for they punishment. They will create new accounts and dupe again. I "fight", and wanna know reason for duping, but...they don't give a

    So...Pollux...I have 2 news for U.
    One (sad): I think that Ur acc will remain blocked (like mine); and
    Two (happy): U can join into club of NON-cheaters/dupers/hackers/scammers/lurers/.../.../_who_are_not_guilty. *

    Anyway...sad story...
    xDDDD man....make this club i ll join ^^

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