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Avast reporting rootkit in ko.exe

This is a discussion on Avast reporting rootkit in ko.exe within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I've installed ko 2 days ago and only website ko related i visited besides ko4life is official so no clue ...
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    Default Avast reporting rootkit in ko.exe

    I've installed ko 2 days ago and only website ko related i visited besides ko4life is official so no clue how could i get it.
    It might be falsepositive but seeing as few ppl just got hacked i thought i will report it.
    Already scanned all hdds, then reinstalled ko and changed password so i should be fine.

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    It's probably because of APR. APR is not exactly a rootkit but it does have some features a rootkit has such as hiding process/threads etc..
    Don't think you have to worry.

    Please go to the official forums and ask there as no one of us has inside infos.

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    just reinstall knight online and keep knight online.exe in a winrar map, when avast deletes it extract it and copy to ko folder, thats the way I do it. avast keeps deleting it sometimes. but nothing will happen to ur pc its just the .exe

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    its really rootkit, if you close game, until you reboot PC, working in background. It collect and logs active processes and sent to G1.
    Excluded user names and passwords. And thats why most antiviruses didnt detect as spyware.

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    no worry from that

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