Logged off in CZ yesterday, came back on this morning in moradon and wearing my pot (STR) armor

Items lost:

Elemental Pendant
Cleric Earring
Cleric Earring
Glass Belt
Ring of Magic
Ring of Magic

+7 Elixir
+7/12 HP Complete Pauldron
Goblin Crimson Pads
+8/15 HP Crimson Helm
+7/12 HP Crimson Gaunts
+7/12 HP Crimson Boots

+8/15 HP T1 Pauldron
+8/15 HP T1 Helm
+8/15 HP T1 Gaunts
+8/15 GP T1 Boots

25 Axe Def Priest FP Boots
20 Spear Def T1 Helm, Gaunts, Boots
20 Spear Def T3 Helm, Gaunts, Boots
15 Sword Def T1 Helm
25 DD Priest Plate Helm
10 DD T1 Helm
25 DD Crystal Helm
25 DD Warrior Plate Helm

Speed Pots (30) (10)
AC Scrolls (21)
HP Scrolls (10)

Thorn Scroll
Impact Scroll
Scroll of Fireblast
Scroll of Glacialblast
Scroll of Thunderblast
Absolute Power Scroll

100,000,000 coins

GG. Hacker left me a kekuri belt in my inn.