Well, I played about 2/3 years ago, and I decided to come back, see what's up..

So I recovered (what I think was my original account) and logged in, and there was no characters.. not even one, on any server.. so is it possible that they are deleted due to inactivity? because i tried making a char, to delete it, and it says that it is disabled.. like it was in 2006.. so there i no way to delete a character??

So I thought maybe this, somehow.. wasn't the right account.. so I went to go see if I could recover any other accounts.. but I don't know any other user names, and i was certain this was the one I used..

So, I only have 4 emails that I've ever used since 2006, and I'm wondering is there anyway to send recovery options to email, instead of using usernames? Because it's been a while... :'(