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Clearing My Name

This is a discussion on Clearing My Name within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; As some of you may know my previous ko4life nick was PinotGrigio. I was banned quite a way back for ...
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    Default Clearing My Name

    As some of you may know my previous ko4life nick was PinotGrigio. I was banned quite a way back for being "involved" and "allowing" pspabuser access to my ko4life account.

    I never bothered to conntact an admin at the time to testify my case as Dan wasn't around much because of his bad back and becuase of my time zone I never managed to catch any of the others.

    The story basically went like this...

    I started to play TwistedKo in july 2008 and eventually met a guy called mark, ign was Haxed. We pk'd quite a lot of TWKO and eventually started sharing game accounts. We played together right until the last day when TWKO shut down. After that he kinda disappeared for a couple of months then returned to me saying that he had an dcz priest on Ares and wondered if I would like to share with him. Having quit usko myself after the region change was implemented I thought why not seen as he was from england aswell. It was only after he got banned on ko4life again and the topic was created about him being pspabuser (cant remember the forum account name he got banned on last) that he came clean and told me that he was infact pspabuser. I had only previously heard about this hack due to having long chats with danny on msn because we seemed to know eachother for quite a long time lol. I logged into ko4life after returning from college to look at the pspabuser topic and see posts there that i had not made myself. I pm'd mark on msn but he didn't reply for days on end. Then someone popped up on the topic saying I was covering up for pspabuser and suggested that I myself may actually be him. I asked vandy and danny to check the ip's to prove my innocence but Vandy saw mark's ip address on my login aswell as mine and banned me for "sharing" my account with a well known scammer.

    I would like to point out that the ONLY reason he was able to log my account was because my forum id/pw was the same on TwistedKo as it was on Ko4life and he was admin there. That is the only logical explanation I can think as to why he would have had my account details. On top of this the moment I found out he was using it I imediately told danny and changed my password to my forum account but obviously Vandy had already set his mind on banning me.

    After talking with danny as he does infact know me he said that he could not unban how, however I should infact go speak to devile or phantom on IRC to tell them my case. Like I have previously mentioned I wasn't able to do this purely because of my time zone and exams.

    I therefore went on the official ko forums where another topic had been setup about pspabuser scamming. I added Kevin to msn, hes an admin there but can't remember his forum name either, could be kevin infact lol. Anyway i gave Kevin the id/pw o mark's ingame accounts, all the msn's he seemed to use and details about items on the accounts he had access to. Kevin then used that information to get K2 to finnaly put an ip block on marks ip address and all the surrounding area so that he couldn't worm his way back into usko. At the time kevin also said to me that he knew i wasn't any part of pspabusers "regime" and that I was wrongly banned and he was aware that others have been wrongly banned by K2 connected with pspabuser in the past.

    The main point of this post is to show all the people who assumed I was working with pspabuser to scam accounts that I really wasn't even aware he actually was pspabuser to the day he was banned.

    Regards TabbyCat
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    Second chances should be given in my eyes, ive known u along time. I wouldn't even speak with u if i thought u were at all involved in screwing innocent people out of money.

    Ill keep this topic open ofc, but i will monitor it for flames and things, so please keep the posts of a suitable nature.

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    did trades with him recently didnt see any probs with it

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    Thanks for the Unban, ill be using my TabbyCat acc tho :P

    Btw i got an unread private message on this account but cannot view any messages :/


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