ok so ive been having this problem for months(after i formated my computer) and i may finally have a solution to this.

basically everytime i open KO it goes to xtrap and then says "cant create d3d device-check directx or video card driver"

well i already have directx, but my main question is a couple of things

i went to a driver site(not sure how) and i went to windows XP home edition, but theres so many different things i can download

theres radeon, All-in-wonder, TV tuner, remote wonder, fireMV,fireGL,mobility radeon,intergrated/motherboard/ and legacy

i honestly have no clue which 1 to download :unsure:

to sum it all up, if any1 who has windows XP home edition(which i gotta think most ppl do have this) could u tell me what driver u got and where i could download it?

bc my computer ran KO smooth b4 i re formated it, now i cant think of what to do to makes it work besieds this

ty in advance, and sorry if its too much reading or really sloppy :lol: