Hi all i have fcking problem for idiot in k2 i cant play my 80 char now becous this noob dont change my ip/country

First i send ticket for k2 for change ip/country send payment info all good k2 send me answer " we change your cantry for poland blablalblalal" but his dont change olways old country in control panel... now when i send ticket for change ip/country all ticket close :/
Any one can help me what i must do whot write whot send? Im borning for this fking game exp for 80 lv fcking many time and now stop playing????

btw first time when i dont send ticket i cant login in my character i have information when login "wrong country blalalllala" now when i send ticket and k2 answer me " we change your coutry for poland (in website i see old country)" i login in game see character but when prest start olways dc.
In otcher account its work great but in this olways fcking dc...