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Dam SBC Router

This is a discussion on Dam SBC Router within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Can't really help you more mate, prolly your router sucks :-/ Maybe a firmware update (or a hard-reset) would help ...
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    Can't really help you more mate, prolly your router sucks :-/

    Maybe a firmware update (or a hard-reset) would help ( i still don't know what router you're using so can't help here either ).

    When i say reset i don't mean to unplug it and plug it again, i mean to totally reset the router configuration and build it from scratch.

    Also maybe it has something to do with your PC and not with your router? Is your PC the only host on the network? If not, the other hosts have the same problem as you?

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    Originally posted by Majix
    Sigh.. been almost two weeks ,and my internet been acting fucked up. *Getting a new net soon hopefully.. but for now i gotta deal with this. *Every night around 9PM Est, my SBC DSL router gives me like a "Local Area Connection Unplugged".. and dcs my net, causing ko to dc as well.. Well i have to reboot the adapter on my comp, and then it comes back up.. The "local network" light on my homeportal kinda dims out and then restores. *Well i called up SBC and they said they would run some tests to test my connection.. and they said that i had a perfect connection to the local network, but ffs its still messing up everyyyyy *nighttttt at 9PM. *Sigh does anyone have an idea to try and fix this? T_T *-_-
    You wouldn't happen to be using wireless, would you? If so, try getting a new wireless NIC, specifically, one that isn't of the Linksys brand, I've had a lot of bad experiences with them. I had this exact problem when I was on wireless in a temporary apartment last summer, except I would dc about 15 times per night. Extremely annoying.

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    linksys for wireless still trying to figure out which brand is good :lol:

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    well i ordered a new modem today.. going to switch my internet completely. Having my comp be the home portal this time, and only one other comp attached via wireless. Gonna install it tonight, lets hope it works (: thanks for all ur help guys

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