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    Well the day has come sooner then i tought, and it makes me sad and i find it really hard to quit but its an must.
    I was back after 1 year when i was hacked cause of my friends and the fun i had with them playing back in old KO, making fool of our selfs on Teamspeak etc.
    I've met many interesting ppl, nice ppl and total retards, its just a game so i had a blast with all of them. My mainly reason why i quit so soon is cause i
    wont have that much time for Ko ,but what really pushed me over the edge is some pure facts and proofs i found out about future of KO and corruption between KO gms, some wellknowned players and clans, which made me finnally understand it has no use to play on further...One day all GG's will understand, but for some of them unfortunally it will be to late and will end up with nothing or will waste more valuable time. So thats why im trying to get out, before i get hacked and loose everyting all over again, on which i worked my ass off. My gaming carreer will end with KO.
    Anyway I want to thank Tormentorz clan,it was short jounrey and i feel sry i didnt get to know you all better, Tz can be great clan, lots of very nice and cool ppl!
    I dont wanna write all names of friends, im just to lazy for that :P, you guys know who i meen ...
    Well I will try to sell all my gear, and char i think i will keep, i will only sell it if someone wants items+char.
    Well i think thats about it, enough of talking, here is my list of items + char:

    LvL 72 Warrior 250k np (might be more in meantime) it comes with Shield of Boshke +6 some scrolls, lots of pots and various shit in INN
    b/o naked 300 usd b/o char+items 1800 usd. The char will also come with Gold Premium...


    WARRIOR CHITIN +8 rebirth:
    HELMET b/o 50
    BOOTS b/o 50
    PAULDRON b/o 50
    WARRIOR SHELL +8 rebirth:
    Pads b/o 150
    Gaunts b/o 150

    b/o whole set 350
    b/o 3 chitins +8 110

    WP +2 b/o 250
    ROC +1 b/o 250
    FOVERIN +2 b/o 250
    PE +1 b/o 150
    PE +1 b/o 150
    (both PE's for 250)
    IB b/o 180
    RAPTOR +8/80 b/o 200
    LUGIAS +7 rebirth b/o 150
    DEEPSCAR +8 rebirth b/o 80
    (lugi + ds for 200 !)
    SS +6 b/o 80

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    with ur astounding intelligence to post in the right completely shocked u got hacked

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