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farhad hacked (ARes)

This is a discussion on farhad hacked (ARes) within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; this is what i got from them when i asked them for rollback and im regular prem buyer all they ...
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    Default farhad hacked (ARes)

    this is what i got from them when i asked them for rollback and im regular prem buyer all they said is ty for playing knight online and gogogo fuk off

    Hail farhad! We do not support accounts that have had shared access. All issues with these accounts will have to be resolved between the users involved. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you. -Knight Online Customer Service Team

    Hail farhad! You have submitted a similar ticket that is still open or had already been replied to. Please refrain from submitting multiple tickets regarding similar issues. This ticket will be closed. Please check the initial ticket for any progress that has been made regarding this issue. Thank you for playing Knight Online. Regards, The Knight Online Customer Support Team

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    omg sorry to hear that bro

    omg what the fuk is wrong with chart hacking ? i havnt been online in ko so i cant change my account right now but lets hope i dont get hacked im sorry to hear ya got hacked but ....

    on the first cs msg they said about sharing account .. did u share your account with someone ? u shouldnt have mentioned the word shared to them cuz thats thier excuses..but try this

    Spam msg them with strong theme about how much ya paid for this game ,, and u will give bad repations about thier game ... also you will contact an offical ko office via phone and fax telling them your issue with cs , i sure you will get rollback ....
    or you can write a letter and fax it using thier offical fax number *was posted on the forum somewhere*



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