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frames problem

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    Question frames problem

    Hello, currenly Im playing on a private server and I have really low fps (9-12) and because of that I cant double minor more than 15 hits per soul at top speed... so I kind lose all the vs.

    I have the following stuff:
    • Toshiba laptop with intel dual core
    • 2 GHz, 4gb ram
    • Vista home premium 64 bits (:/)
    • Mobile Inter 965 Express Chipset Family or GMA X3100 or Intel GM 965(I dont know much about this) with 358mb of graphic memory.
    • A monitor of 60Hz top
    • An ADSL conection with currenly 100 Mbps (12,5 MB/sec)
    • 73ms ping, 0,75 mb/s download speed and 0,09 mb/s upload speed
    Dunno if I need to mention anything else.. dont know much about this kind of things..

    Well, anyway, Ive tried everything. here:
    • Download and install ToneUp Utilities, running turbo mode.
    • Upgrade my drivers
    • Download and instal Game Booster
    • Same with Ashampoo Internet acceleratior 3
    • And with SP TCP optimizer
    • Set the lowest game options
    Iīm tired of being owned cause Iīm actually better than this (on my old XP computer). Iīm thinking in the graphic card.. cause I donīt know nothing about this and I think the other stuff are find.

    Help plz. (dunno if it helps u to help me, but cs 1.6 runs with about 40-60 fps not online).

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    It is probably ur graphic card.. 338 mb onboard graphic card kind of sux..:P
    It may be the connection of ur pricate server?? tell me the name and I will check if it laggs

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    I donīt think is the private server but anyway.. the name is true ko also knowing as waryna knight online. Has just started recently.
    But itīs probably the card, especially if u say that 338mb is crappy.. should get an ATI or Nvdia, I think..

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    Nvidea gtx card ^^
    I will try to see if it lags me..
    I'll let you know

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    well it depends
    if its 356 dedicated video ram than it shud be good enoufh for ko
    but if its shared then yehh it sux.

    ati or nvidia?
    i would go for ati
    just because they are cheaper compared to nividia
    a 150$ ati card will rock a nividia 150$ one

    but before u go out and make any purchases
    first check if your laptops video card is upgradeable
    some laptops dont have an upgradeable gpu system
    also if it is upgradeable
    make sure u buy the laptop version of whatever video card u choose.

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    the most important reason for that is that you have an onboard graphic card, they are always crappy and should be used for office/browsing/watching movies (at least intel's). it can have even 10GB memory on it but it's crappy and it will utilize maybe 100mb either way
    i dunno if you can buy graphic card for laptop, but if yes i suggest HD4650 512mb(it won't utilize 1gb) gddr3(there is gddr2 version, less recommended). at least where i live its very cheap compared to it's performance, and uses low power.
    Vista might be a problem too, iv'e heard it decreases performance on games. if you can get win7 free or very cheap i suggest u to try it on the 64bit edition. if you can only buy it for full price stick with the vista, it won't be any big diff anyway if at all prolly.
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    u gona have to get a graphics card

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    get new graphics card ftw

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    Try such program as alternative: Battle Encoder Shirase. Its freeware as well.

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