i know nobody can help here and i have submitted a ticket about it, but i wanted to bitch about it here anyway. Everybody else does. My turn.

Went to logout so I could switch characters, and checked my premium status first. It said 2 days left. So, I was like cool. logged out and then logged back in. when trying to enter server it gave me the non=prem message. I was like wtf. so i logged to the website and it didnt say shit. checked billing history though and it had been right at 30 days. so i was like fuk. i dont wanna wait the 12 hours its gonna tke me to login so i started trying other servers so i could buy premium ingame. I prefer using my cc. I got into diez 1 and logged a lvl 10 char i had on my acct. When i got in the little premium msg was at the top so I clicked it and it said i had an hour and 12 minutes left of premium and counted down every minute. I was like god dammit i still have prem left but cant login to the server i want to log into.

fuk. k2'd again

also realized that the only way to buy premium from that diez acct would be to lvl that gay lvl 10 priest to 20. fuk.