Server : Ares
Character : Manilas
Date : Hacked in the night of August 16, 2006

Well, I got hacked. Don't know how since I never give away my account info and I always change my passwords after trades because of the trade hack.

I changed again my password, sent a ticket to customer support, emailed them and called k2 network. Only waiting for the official forums to get back online to contact them throught there.

So, I lost full set of warrior chitin shell +1, rebirthed glaive +5, gigantic axe one handed +4, one trina and 5 million coins (not that I care for the 5 million but just for the case that it's not there anymore).

So, would wish a rollback to the date of August 14 2006 which is 2 days before the rollback like that it would surely fix everything.

I won't be quitting tho, I will come back stronger than ever but I am gonna fight to have my items back.