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graphic card, help needed

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    Default graphic card, help needed

    im using the same original gc tht came with my laptop . Its Plug & play monitor on mobile intel(r) 4 series express chipset family
    on a dell 1015 laptop
    T6670 2.20ghz , intel (r) core(tm)2 duo CPU
    1.18 GHz, 3.46 GB of RAM
    500 hd

    can any make any suggestions for a better graphic card tht works on this laptop
    the graphic card im using is ok but i seen videos and it makes usko look like a private server for me lol, everthing gets smoother with them. with me i feel the char is kind of fat in movement and it nvr gets smooth unless i go delos -abyss dungeon

    hope ne1 can help me out with some info or if there is any thing i can do
    ko settings
    Show Weapon's Effect
    Char - HIGH
    object- low
    terrain- low
    resolution 1366 x 768
    color depth 32bit
    music just turned on lol :P
    visibility max
    distance of effect max
    number ^^^^^^ max
    disabled options
    show shadow
    window mode
    monster talk
    zone effect

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    I can help you with that. go on this link

    Dell - Drivers and Downloads

    i hope you have servise tag just enter the servise tag and it will say what can you upgrade on that laptop. if need more help pm me

    i found you laptop is it Vostro Notebook 1015

    the last link for upgrades so do it you self. Hope this will help you
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    i dont need the driver .. i need a better graphics card there is a difference ya know :P

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    The intell 4 series express chipset is an on-board graphics chip. That means there is no slot in which to place a graphics card. The motherboard isn't built to allow for upgradeability. It's built to fit a budget.

    In other words, your stuck with what you have. There's no way, with that motherboard, to upgrade your graphics capability. Soooo......time to save up for a new laptop. And if you want upgradeability this time, you're going to have to pay for it. Laptops that are equipped to play modern games(as well as to be upgradeable) at a reasonable level are not cheap. You could build a desktop for fairly more than $1k......that could easily outperform most any laptop. But if you want a laptop that can perform like a I's going to cost you.

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    When you buy a laptop its almost impossible to upgrade a graphics card. Everything is integrated and even if you manage to get lucky and find one that isnt, you are at high risk of screwing your computer. A laptop is WAY more delicate than a desktop. Things are so close together and whatnot. Be careful. If it were me i would just buy a gaming laptop.

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    i guess i will have to contact my company to make sure what can actually be done

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    i have the same problem man, it sucks..i went to upgrade my gc and they told me its impossible =/


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