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Guess Im done

This is a discussion on Guess Im done within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; well its usually 3am here when you guys get out of school,so ill leave my msn on even though i ...
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    well its usually 3am here when you guys get out of school,so ill leave my msn on even though i may not respond cuz ill be sleep.

    As to what Necro and Kirky did to me,i have no clue as to why. Ive never done shit to anyone in this game,every item i got i worked for,nothing was handed to me. And for a Clanmate to send a keylogger to my pc and then sell my shit in merchant is beyond belief. Kirky name one thing ive ever done to you in the past,and as for necro its fun look cool on forums and I know you guys hang out in real life so you feel that you need to talk shit too,Honestly your little emo anarchist punks,who feel the need for a revolution,about WHAT??? the best way to cut yourself? Call me homo? You dont even fucking Know me,never seen me,just heard me on ts. You dont like Bafert and you dont like Kranky,so hey lets hack Tau. You guys just proved to me that there are wastes of life all over the world. I'm angry but even more im hurt. Kirky ive known you since last september you have betrayed me greater than anyone has ever dared before.I cant make an idol threat and say im coming to Australia to give you what you need ( a good stern ass wooping) cuz obviously australian bullies arent doing their jobs. But you will get whats coming to you.

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    ok kool, im gona go cut my wrist now.. Since ive hacked you am i gona get banned too late sold my ko char.. Nice playing with you tau, This is pretty much baferts fault for startn shit in the first place so blame him tau catch ya around an shit. May death come quickly to all my enemys <_<

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