To those who cant still play or experiencing AUTOFTP Patch
here's some guide for manual patching

For 14.53
If u dont have this file go to this website then manual download it..

like this one
Before installing the 14.53 installation patch, remove ur KE files first. After uninstalling try to install the 14.53 Installer
To those who encounter AutoFTP patch using Launcher. just go here and download it.
after downloading this patch "OPEN" ur FireDrake KO folder then extract and overight it. But before u click the launcher go to ur KO folder and open ur "SYSTEM.INI" file using NOTEPAD.

Like this
Files=1453 <<---- edit this one to 14.54 instead of 14.53 version
coz it'll auto patch again. If u change it already save the notepad then press the KO launcher
i Hope this little guide can help to those who cannot play or experiencing FTP error anyway... im going back to work