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Hacked, Scammed Accounts - Is there ever any compensation ?

This is a discussion on Hacked, Scammed Accounts - Is there ever any compensation ? within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Pawky - Hacked more than 9 months ago, to this day his character still runs ingame under the control of ...
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    Default Hacked, Scammed Accounts - Is there ever any compensation ?

    Pawky - Hacked more than 9 months ago, to this day his character still runs ingame under the control of a turkish player. Several calls, messages left with Customer Support lines, dozens of Customer Support tickets submitted from various accounts, calls made to the personal cell phones of some K2 Network employees, e-mails sent directly to the desk of Game Moderators and Customer Support, BBB complaints filed, Issues conveyed directly to ingame GM's. And still no compensation; for a guy who invested more than 6 months into premium purchases and general character development. Able, willing and with hope always providing proof of identity. Still Nothing. 9 months people! FFS, What is wrong here ? He's not alone.....

    Devil_Dog, forwarded a default PASSWORD during the period of time where changing the email and account PW were mandatory. After the bug I believe with the KO Official forums or possibly the DB leak. The email address was not up to date. A paying customer with over 7 months invested in the character; whom after the same attempts at contacting and recieving support or compensation; is left having to play WoW due to disgust over the lack of assistance. This wasn't even his fault! Unable to play for the last 7 months.

    Evilmagekn, Metal, Ez, Gabloo, and more. All scammed or hacked? - The list of items lost, ridiculously large. Sure for the duping, or loaded folks; all re-obtainable over a short period of time. But for the few who know how hard legitimate farming + upgrading can be, months worth of gear lost. NO Answers other than automated. These cases happened more than 2 months ago.

    RANT > Like get real, I mean, us, the paying customers. Those of whom can prove legitimacy for their claims. Who have not only hundreds of hours invested in the game, but possibly thousands (combined) dollars of premium and scroll purchases; left high and dry. Sure, there's probablly double the amount of false claims made in the hopes of rollback or item reimbursement. But it is the obligation of any company selling for profit; to decypher the legitimate claims from the fake. And to be honest, seeing a group of guys drug through the mud like that, pisses me off. Are customers no longer entitled to any rights ? Potentially great engineers or programmers from MGAME. However definite under developed and inadequate support is left incharge of thousands if not millions of customer accounts, credit card information, and money... Bottom dollar. A corner stone for PvP enthusiasts nation wide; but a breeding ground for not only cheaters but improper customer support procedures. Words are one thing, actions are another. Will there ever be change ?

    Thanks , I'm done.

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    Didnt read all that but to answer the topic questions no...

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