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Help Fix My Computer

This is a discussion on Help Fix My Computer within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; about HD... if its too old u might have some broken sectors or its just the age which makes it ...
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    about HD... if its too old u might have some broken sectors or its just the age which makes it load ur data slower.
    if u use IDE and u have SATA connection on ur motherboard go for SATA.[/b]

    just to state that u are 100% right..
    My HD is about 8.5 years old (the old one). might be older but im not sure.

    and yea i discovered that i have SATA connections on my motherboard thx to volcanic, so atleast now im uptodate on 1 thing..

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    when ppl post like you 2 do then i understand how much u realy read what ppl say before asuming u know everything.[/b]
    i only tried to help you.

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    Well yea, if his HDD is 8,5 years old, its prob. an 5400 rpm one? then his new one should be quite faster :P i would have bought a "Raptor HDD" instead, on 10k rpm, would be alot faster, and the price is nearly the same, in Denmark atleast

    And uh yea, i would diffenitly get a other graphichs card, the one u got now, (It was a 9200se right?) is totally shit xD if your running a AGP system, i would search for a "used" x800xt, since u can get em quoite cheap if youre lucky. And for playing KO, id say thats a pretty nice graphich card
    With 1-2 gb ram, u should be more than fine, id say your CPU is quite okay for running ko, thats not the problem

    Anyway, im not sure, but i mean youre danish right? =p

    if u are, check these sites: <- for new hardware
    and check for used hardware, ive seen alot of good graphich cards on that site, for CHEAP. I saw a x850xt pe for 400 Kr, which is pretty cheap. that graphics card would run 10 times better than your old one :P

    Feel free to pm me if i can help ya with anything =)

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    Personally, I wouldn`t recommend a raptor. They are small, and pricey when looking at $ per GB. Also, if you want outright speed, then a SCSI disk is superior.
    Sata 2 will beat an older raptor easily, and newer raptor cost $$$. 1TB sata2 drive actually beats a 150gb raptor at almost all tests.

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    raptor is only good for a windows, drive, because like volcanic said, they&#39;re abit high priced, but a 40 GB raptor for windows is just perfect.

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