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How to change saved skillbar?

This is a discussion on How to change saved skillbar? within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; this was posted on forums some time ago So you are tired of setting up your skillbar over and over? ...
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    Default How to change saved skillbar?

    this was posted on forums some time ago

    So you are tired of setting up your skillbar over and over? Try this: *
    (applies to Windows XP) *
    - You must setup your skillbar ingame and then use the /save command. *
    Deny yourself from modifying the skillbar in the registry: *
    - Open regedit *
    - Go to HKLMSoftwareKnightOnLine *
    - Look for a folder named [your account name]_[server name]_[char slot in server] *
    For example: xxx_OLYMPIA1_0 *
    - Right click on this folder and choose "Permissions" (or whatever it's called in the English version) *
    - In the window that appears, choose "Special" *
    - Choose "Add..." *
    - Choose "Special..." *
    - Choose "Search now" *
    - You get a lot of things into the listbox, find your user name and click on it, then click OK *
    - Click OK *
    - You get a window containing various permissions, the 3rd one is something like "Setting value", click in its row in the "Deny" column. *
    - Click OK *
    - Now you should see that this permission is added to the listbox. REMEMBER WHERE IT IS!, because if you want to modify your skillbar, you will have to come back here and remove this property. *

    Next time you log into the server you did this to, you'll get your beloved skillbar back. It works for me, at least for the past 15 minutes, so this is probably a good solution. Remember that if you play on multiple servers, you'll have to do this thing for all of them. And don't forget to unlock if you gain a new skill! *

    I hope this will help you.
    ive done that and now i want to change my skillbar, how can i?

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    Uncheck deny, load KO, and repeat the steps.


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