I was hacked between 2.40am - 11.00am EET 6.1.2007. (Server xigenon)

I lost +8/80 blade,
+5/40 dd round kite shield,
rebirth +1/70 Iron impact,
+9/19 str fabric coat,
+8/15 hp battle priest armour set without pauldron,
+6/10 str warrior chitin set,
+8/64 wood staff,
2x +1 iron impact,
7x +1 totamic spear,
+1 rogue chitin shell boots,
+0 lycaon hammer,
+9 str belt and neclace,
2x +1 harpoon,
judgement scroll,
Amulet of goddess +0,
+5/20 spear defence priest gloves,
+5/20 spear defence priest boots,
+5/20 spear defence priest cap,
+6/25 dagger defence priest helmet,
+6/25 axe defence priest plate boots,
+5/20 spear defence priest helmet,
+3/24 axe, club, sword defence round shield,
29 1500 buff,
29 300 ac scrolls,
Something like 5400 mil money.
priest 1100m, inn 2100, warrior 2100m, mage 100m

I am a premium user, send cs but no answer in 3 days... :angry: What can i do? Just wait? It is just too frustrating to see "premium users will be replied in 24 hours?" Is it really days or weeks? I still have 24 days premium left, so i hope that they can solve my problem since then..

Sorry for my bad english

- Muikku