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I love Ko4life...

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    zzz ? :S

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    :Wasabi: aka Merlin_GR was banned from here for selling items on behalf of Holydreamz ( The Sith lord of the KO world ) Now :wasabi: plays in a cafe in northern Greece ( one of the owners happens to be fairly hot too ! ) . :Wasabi: denyies he ever sold Holydreamz's items but the 2 of them were getting a reputation as partners in crime, :Wasabi: was also in KB which not the most popular clan on these forums too and with the high volume of +8 items and +2/3 unquies he could get it was decided that :Wasabi: time here was over.

    Now the problem is with him playing in such a big cafe some of the other guys decided to try and stick up for him claiming the banning was wrong, when infact he had made some dumb mistakes ( greed really ) and is being too stubbern to realise it.

    Now the bad thing is there are some great guys who also play at this cafe ie : _Countess_ and Goutiss and if you check the ip's you will even find that I even logged on the forums there when I viseted them last year.

    Tafaris is doing what any good freind would do by sticking up for his friend but it is seriously a lost cause now and should be dropped. Before long Gergio will get the cafe's ip blocked from the forum and that will effect alot more people than it should do.

    MY advise it drop it and try and sell the items else where

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