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i need some help , on a cpu matter

This is a discussion on i need some help , on a cpu matter within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i got enough money to buy a 1gb ram for this old cpu. i dont know alot about rams so ...
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    Henry Picazo


    i got enough money to buy a 1gb ram for this old cpu. i dont know alot about rams so any help or recommendations would be appreciated. there are 2 many different types of rams and im afraid i might get the 1 that might not work with this cpu so ,
    help ps.

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    wrong section post in tech support... post comp specs.

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    umm, id suggest getting a 2gb ram
    or dual core processor with 1gb, same thing.

    but if u dont have enough money, 1gb is pretty good anyway. its the average that most computers have nowadays.

    i had a 512mb ram a year ago, and i bought a 2gb ram computer with dual core processor.
    the change is AMAZING.
    graphics are better (thats mainly do to my video card)but, most importantly the speed of my computer.
    i can run the game with best graphics/detail while also running counter strike or another 3d game.
    u can always run multiple programs that take away a lot of ram.

    with 1gb of ram you should be able to run the game with full detail and everything whilst running other programs like msn, IE, etc.

    BTW, how much money are u planning on spending for it, and how much money do u have now.

    and if u have about 700-800$ u can just buy a whole comp package instead.. ull get a new video card, motherboard and the comp will just run faster than by just swapping cpus.
    u can get only the comp itself for like 200$ cheaper if you already hav a moniter

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    Henry Picazo


    i got a new cpu with 2gb of ram and new stuffs. this ram is just for my old cpu, ima spent like 160$

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    u should probably go post in the right section cuz this topic will get flamed and/or locked

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    Henry Picazo


    ima about to do that, the people that flame got no life and all comments will be ignored so i dont really mind they


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