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**illegal program (MALHACK)detected./n/n program will be....

This is a discussion on **illegal program (MALHACK)detected./n/n program will be.... within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; as the topic looks...Are u getting this crap too? Well i dont think my account will be banned since Xtrap ...
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    Default **illegal program (MALHACK)detected./n/n program will be....

    as the topic looks...Are u getting this crap too? Well i dont think my account will be banned since Xtrap wont let me even load to the login screen.

    Maybe only possible solutions are to...restore whole comp...screw ur comp and get another one :P ...wait for new patches and see what happens...

    I dont really know how to fix this problem...i went to friends house my account runs just great, i go home and try to get on and now have been off KO for about 1week now and premium is being used all up...Wasted money

    If u know any info how to fix this pls feel free to post ur solution...i do see everyone posting about it but havent found alot of stuff that works it seems...can someone tell me how to go through all my files correctly to look for the possible problem.GL to all u guys that have this same problem, everything almost seem useless thinking now about putting KO on a different comp but dont think my brother will let that happen...feel free to post what u think :blink:

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    do u have any firewall processing?
    if yes trun all completely off

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    i dont think that disabling the firewall will help. after all the firewall is for a reason there :P

    maybe there is a specific port that needs to be unblocked ?'
    im gonna look more to that although i never had that msg, only some friends did...

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    probably your internet security block xtrap , just close it , worked fine for me ...

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    hmm internet security havent really checked that...but what if i turned it all of then got all of these taking the chance in getting viruses on my comp worth playing KO? Also when do i close Xtrap,right when u click on the KO folder and press start the Xtrap comes up so when u suppose to close it? Thnx for the replies pls keep them coming, im still needing lots of help

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    that did that to me. i reinstalled it. works fine.

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    yeh bro ive been getting this error too i havent logged in since the last update, when xtrap was introduced, my premium is going to shit, so if u know any ways to fix it im trying them all...thx for help.


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