i wanna explain here my problems ^^
first i was bugged , clan bug like more than 2 months and i can quit clan cuz i got change to kaurus and now read this:

When i logged in trough the website 5-6 day ago at morning, there was a nation transfer there, i asumed this was to resolve my bug (wich i reported earlier, about not beeing able to quit clan), so my human mage changed to Orc, when i try to change it back to human side, i get an error. I never requested a nation transfer and never payed for one. All i asked for was beeing able to quit my clan.

then i was bugged 2 months with clan bug and now with nation transfer bug, i dun pay for change to orc, im tired and pissed and cs answere me always same o.O

btw... there is so funny cuz cs answere me :
The problem with your account has been resolved.