ok like it says..its something but i dont know wat.heres wat i do. i click start on launcher. then the game starts.i log in select server, select char, then loading loading loading..BOOM game shuts off.there is no error after the game shuts off.i tried this many times.if u know when the game starts and the big red K2 pops up...from that time to time it shuts off...its xactly 1min and 37 secs each time. if some one is gonna gimme the advice of reinstalling...plz dont..i tried 14 times.and no i dont want u guys to send the xtrap files either coz i got 3 comps and this is one of them. i sent xtrap from both comps but its not working.can some1 plz offer some other advice...i would really appreicate it. and if u are gonna ask y i dont use the other 2 comps and crying about this one??? heres the problem. i got 2 desktops and 1 laptop. i LOVE to pk. laptop lags like crazy unless im novaing something one hit and sit down and repeat.so no go for laptop for pk. the other desktop is rather fast but bad VGA card...means graphics are distorted...shell in merchant looks like jumbled pixels....the last comp is a desktop and good VGA card and no lag and everything is perfect for pk and etc....but the game wont run...plz i hope this thorough explanation helps u see the situation im in....i really would like to play on this comp again. plz plz plz help me!!!!! ty for ur time