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Jordy, Willos hacked my acc, email, paypal acc

This is a discussion on Jordy, Willos hacked my acc, email, paypal acc within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; thnx for the lvl 80 mage jordy, the trade was smooth[/b] ahahahaha <3 Anyways, super happy screenshot time. A bit ...
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    thnx for the lvl 80 mage jordy, the trade was smooth[/b]
    ahahahaha <3

    Anyways, super happy screenshot time. A bit small, but still readable.

    So Morodo says [email protected] isn&#39;t his and never was and a bunch of other stuff.

    James or Greg, whichever you prefer says:
    explain how [email protected] uses same pw as your other emails
    James or Greg, whichever you prefer says:
    and isnt yours
    James or Greg, whichever you prefer says:
    and uses same pw as some of your accts
    James or Greg, whichever you prefer says:
    but your accts still have items
    [Rorro] says:
    ???? who i can know ???? that foking email is not my

    Now look at this picture. morodo (rorro) has since changed the passwords to the email addresses in question AND deleted every email in them, but I did some searching anyways. When you ask for a password reset on [email protected] it sends a password reset email to [email protected]. So I check that email (same password as dorpwn + rodrigoavalos84 + rodrigo.avalos.m were before he changed them) and sure enough, there&#39;s a password reset email for dorpwn.

    Seeing has morodo&#39;s defence for this is probably "U made that email not me I only use gmail", take a gander at this

    That email shows that the email account [email protected] is linked to both [email protected] AND his ko4life account Morodo. There is NO WAY it&#39;s not his, and he&#39;s LYING about not owning the gmail account "dorpwn".

    If that&#39;s not enough for you, gmail has a handy IP checking function, and I took the liberty of getting into those emails to see if any IPs match and where they match from and such. I blocked out my own IP, which is what the empty boxes are. I also took the liberty of doing a location check on the IP shown, to see where in the world it&#39;s located. Surprise, chile.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    If Ko4life admins/mods could do an IP cross-reference and see if either of the two chilean ips match morodo&#39;s ip, that&#39;d be good.

    You&#39;ll notice that the ip match across both accts and all IPs except for my own are from chile. You&#39;ll also notice a PW reset request which shows him changing the password of Jordy&#39;s priest AGAIN... which he does not actually own at this point. So why do a password change request on an account that&#39;s not yours? Clearer screenie below.

    So he&#39;s lying about owning [email protected], which is the email that contained my password. That actual email has since been deleted, but I forwarded it to a safe account, and here&#39;s the email.

    And here&#39;s the email for when Jordy changed the password of his priest after he bought it, account name shevarash and password changed from what it actually was in case jordy actually uses the actual password elsewhere like a nub still. As before, admins/mods are welcome to the untouched screenshot upon request

    There you have it. Proof that Morodo is panicking + changing passwords + deleting things that incriminate him (I got backups for most of it) and lying in order to cover his own ass. I haven&#39;t lied (kind of. I DID touch the 80 mage eventually, but didn&#39;t profit from it), haven&#39;t been dishonest about anything (Sanctis can vouch that I contacted him asking him if he&#39;d left anything on my account when it was cleaned out, to see if any of the items I took were his) and I&#39;ve provided as much backup for the things I&#39;ve claimed as I can.

    Morodo has not proven I am unsafe to trade with, all he&#39;s done is prove that if you fuck with my accounts and leave me your password I WILL get my value in gear back. He hasn&#39;t even proven Jordy was involved other than through the fact that he&#39;s my buddy and was scammed as well.


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    sry im not writing a story like everyone else. dec. 20th i sold jordy a account for usd. i was not charged back. and everything when just fine. did you get a ip list from ko on your accout. NO did you ask MM and EU leaders to get a IP list to see if jordys ip matches the ones from KO. NO then where is your proof. You dont have any. so your the dumb ass that was to cheap to seal the char off the account. all i have to say is haha. you have now idea who all had the info before jordy. or when he was using it.

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    Willos think that i hacked his acc cuz i sold him a mage 72 Long time ago (like 1.5year) and it got cleaned, now that mage, when i bouthg that mage i got hacked like in 1 week lose a lot, i never fell safe in that acc after that. and i decided to sold it.[/b]
    You so deserve a ban yourself.

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