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Just a forwarning

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    I just decided to put this here in case anyone did a search on this person. I've been trying to sell my rogue account for some time, the latest offer was $600 + a Raptor +5/80. The guy's name is Kenny ([email protected]) also has the characters Li_lputter a priest, and A4_paper a mage (not a4_paperboy or w/e). He has another mage but I forgot his name atm. Anyway he sent the money, and while we were waiting on Paypal I gave him the login info but not the secret question answer so he could look over it, everything of worth was sealed.

    Turns out he had a problem with Paypal, the money said it sent but it never entered by Paypal account, he said he got his money back. I ended up calling Paypal to figure what the problem was and they said whatever the problem was it was coming from Kenny's bank, probably didn't even have the money to buy the account...

    So out of safety for my account I switched the password, soon afterwards I announced I was leaving for WoW. Kenny asked if he could use the warrior on the account which is initially why he was buying it, I told him I wasn't selling it anymore, which I'm not. I'm keeping it solely for my DLW battlepriest when I'm bored. Anyway stupidly I changed my password back to the old password, not even thinking about how I gave Kenny it earlier (this is over the span of a good few weeks) again I had everything of worth sealed up, but during the few days I was playing WoW and not checking on my account as usual, he took all my quest items (Tails of Lesath/Shaula, 2x Magic Shield Scrolls, 1x Scream scroll, a hell of a lot of opals, crystals, and crudes, around 700-800m). Again stuff that would give him a lot of in-game coin, but nothing really of worth to me.

    So now I got my PW changed since all of a sudden I couldn't log into myKOL anymore for reasons unknown to me, he probably got the secret answer wrong too many times in an attempt to guess it or something along those lines.

    Anyway so just a forewarning to those who meet this guy, steer clear. I blocked him from MSN before I could hear his side, but if you want to convince me it was someone other than the person who knew my PW...good luck. Kenny burn in hell, must've sucked to see all the sealed stuff I have and not been able to touch it, sucker. Also NewWorldOrder whoever the hell you guys are, I logged into my account and saw my archer in your clan, so know that you have a thief/liar amongst you, and it's lame that my archer was the reason for your G2, earn your NPs yourselves.

    I know it's my fault, don't need a smartass coming here to tell me that, he played on my kindness. (I helped him get 2 sets of paper mage gear since he claimed he got hacked, first on his mage, then on his priest) But again this is just a warning to those who meet this guy and a trade situation comes into play. Peace out

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    ppl like this do need to burn in hell,

    well u had ur items sealed so thats good, not much loss

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    Damn it, sorry to hear this Lizzy and take care with the warrior.


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