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KnightDaniel is a scammer.

This is a discussion on KnightDaniel is a scammer. within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; This guy who names himself "KnightDaniel" here on these forums is a scammer and here's proof: Here it is him ...
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    Exclamation KnightDaniel is a scammer.

    This guy who names himself "KnightDaniel" here on these forums is a scammer and here's proof:

    Here it is him sending me a pm after I made a thread that I wanted to sell my account in Akara. He's telling me that he's interested. Alright then.

    Here you see me and him agreeing upon the trade between my account in Akara and his account in C-West.

    After that, I gave him my part and he didn't give his, but instead logged out the second he got my account. I waited a day and began posting pm's, but it wasn't effective. He made later a thread about some people he assumed was scammers, which I didn't care much about. I posted on the same thread, asking when he's going to give me his part(his account in C-West.) He replied to me that I didn't give him all the info's about the account, and true enough I didn't. I didn't give him the Date of Birth and the e-mail it was first registred on. But I don't have neither of them, the previous owner of the account has both of those, but he accepted the trade regardless, but even so, giving my account back was an option to skip scamming. He got online on msn a few minutes later and here's the conversation:

    First of all there's something I want to say, I truly expected this. I even doubted my own eyes, he was very noob and not good at scamming at all. In other words, I saw through it, but I didn't really care if I lost the account cause I never played on it and truthfully wanted a new account in C-West. So I took the risk.
    Whether he gets banned or not is through my attention, just wanted to let you guys now that making business with "KnightDaniel" is a wrong decision. Just being helpful and hoping that this thread will reach many people's attention and remember this guy, and do not trade with him. He has alot of vouchers and trusted players, he probably did some legal trades and made himself trusted among some players, but he's a scammer.

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    yep this is what he did to Hell3oY accept he went here after he took his account and called him a scammer lol

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    yeah danielknight is a scammer

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    haha , he wanted to trade my diez stuff for his C-west stuff , same shit he said he has alot of vouchers and is a wellknown player ... , the kid is 15 i aint gonna trust a kid ,

    btw u got ur account back ?

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    I'm glad he didn't scam me :/
    I got lucky.
    Sorry for you loss bro


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