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KO gets stuck/ Code Error 0XE019100B - wont play! HELP!!

This is a discussion on KO gets stuck/ Code Error 0XE019100B - wont play! HELP!! within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Hey guys I have a problem with my KO ever sense i downloaded latest patch my game has been f4cking ...
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    Exclamation KO gets stuck/ Code Error 0XE019100B - wont play! HELP!!

    Hey guys I have a problem with my KO ever sense i downloaded latest patch my game has been f4cking up.
    First of all when i click on my KO icon the game takes about 5 seconds to launch the start up screen, once I click start up screen it takes about 5 seconds for it to disapear and start the game. Once my game is launched I can get to log in screen and log in. Once i Click on the server and my character the game starts going in before the load screen and gets stuck.
    In most cases I get the Code error 0XE019100B and my game shuts down.

    I tried reinstalling the game and it seems like it was working just fine and no lag untill I downloaded all the patches and the latest one made it all whack once again. So here i am stuck getting this code error and can not play my KO. I can launch any other program on my computer just fine with no lag at all! I am playing dota 2 as I write this however KO is not working. It is really not making sense. My brother was logged into the game just fine running the same windows 8 as me. Everyone got dc'd last night and this is what happened to some of the poeple, my brother last night spoke to a guy on ko that had the same problem and he stated he only restarted his network which I did however it did not work.

    So any ideas????

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    Are you using a laptop?

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    - You can try opening settings.ini and manually change the patch number to a older number, it should re-download the patch again. unfortunately theres no link to manually patch..

    - you could also try running compability mode (right mouse on knightonline.exe and run compability mode on for example windows xp)

    - run as administrator

    - Make sure theres no programs running that shouldn't be running (check task manager)

    Or copy your brother's files, if he's succesfully running the latest version of KO you can copy his files.

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    It means Xigncode is detecting something.

    Reboot, and try turning off anything unnecessary that's running. Having said that, whatever it deems 'bad' doesn't even necessarily need to be running -- Xigncode just has detect it running *once* and in future, it'll keep checking to see whether the application (or driver) still exists, regardless of whether it's running or not. Xigncode is pure evil.

    If you still hit the error, really, the most sure way of getting it resolved is by e-mailing their support email ([email protected]). Be sure to attach your log file (Xigncode.log) as they ask you to.
    I got a response back in about a week which told me what it was that it was detecting.
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    Figured out what was wrong,
    first of all my answer was answered throu an email.
    FAQ for XIGNCODE and ErrorCodes

    fallowed the step that had my code, however what they had me do is install an anti virus program and update it. Once i run it and make sure there is no viruses to go into my knight online folder/XIGNCODE and then to delete xmag.xem file. Once completed to restart computer and try knight online. It worked like a charm. if anybody has this problem i suggest you do the same

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