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    Ok i want to start off by saying that if you fix my problem your a god to me, no1 else had this problem only me.

    OK, i click launcher, then it goes unresponsive, then once it comes back it says failed to connect, exactly what happens in sever maitnence but its not sever maintnence cause this happens all the time, then i decided to try skipping the launcher and see if that works, so i try it and type in my user and passworkd, hit OK to login then it kinda freezes and a message pops up heres the screen shot:

    Heres another bit of information that can help you, i have a Modem and a wireless router.

    My internet cable is connect to my modem, my modem only has 1 slot for a internet cable connector thingy, so the cable is running from my modem to my wireless router, then i have a cable from the wireless router to my computer to get internet.

    if i get internet directly from my modem... ko works perfectly. but i cant do that when my brother homes cause he needs wireless internet. so that cable cant go straight to my computer needs to go to the wireless router.

    so basicly if i run my computer from the modem it works, if i run my comptuer from the wireless router for internet it doesent.

    btw im using a BELKIN wireless router.

    HELP ME!!!

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    i have a problem like this but 10083 some thing like that =S
    dammit its so sucks!

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    You need to open some ports on your router for KO to work. I'm not sure who knows the ports of the KO servers.

    Battlefield Connections - TCP/UDP - 10040
    Elmorad Connections - TCP/UDP - 10030
    Game Server - TCP/UDP - 15100
    Karus Connections - TCP/UDP - 10020
    Login Server - TCP/UDP - 15001
    UDP Backport - TCP/TCP - 8888
    Web Server - TCP/TCP - 80
    Listening Port - TCP/UDP - 15000
    edit: found


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