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KO rapes my video card.

This is a discussion on KO rapes my video card. within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; So my new asus en7950 GT 512 mb GDDR3 runs great in every other game, except KO's badly coded and ...
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    Default KO rapes my video card.

    So my new asus en7950 GT 512 mb GDDR3 runs great in every other game, except KO's badly coded and somehow destroys it, even when i customize my fan speed to max as soon as i load up the login screen my video card goes to 85 celsius, and higher ingaem and eventually overheats and crashes. Maximum temperature in other modern games (FEAR, Prey, CS Source, etc), is about 70 celsius after 1 hour of playing its not a fan/gfx card issue.

    Anyone know any way of fixing this? and don't say get more fans.

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    Get more fans. Or get water. :P

    This is strange, im gonna guess and say it may be an issue with your video drivers. Most ppl would say to get the newest drivers, but im gonna suggest rolling back the drivers, im running a 7600GT with the 84.21 drivers and i have no problems.

    If your using the newest/newer nividia drivers(90.xx and up) then im not too suprised, the new drivers cause alot of problems with older games.

    But im gonna suggest you get more fans anyway, one can never have enough fans.

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    haha.... wow thats weird..

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    I guess I could try older ones, just lame since the new ones work great with the newer games, and i dont really wanna have to switch back and forth everytime i wanna play a different game haha...anyways ill try that sometime today.

    btw my computer runs reletively cool, core 2 duo's run cool, got a side case fan, dual fan'd power supply and of course the video card has a heatsink/fan on it. It's gotta be a problem with KO and the video card communicating because even if the fans on MAX which cools any other game to 65 celsius (fear, etc) it will still go up to 90 within a few seconds.

    update: ok so only the 90+ series of drivers support my video card so yah..that didnt work..


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