I know the whole story how my warrrior got hacked
my warrior = KratoZ and it got hacked recently n it was my DLW warrior
to the person that thought that THIS account belonged to cap_own was very wrong
this was is dlw warrior that i had for a while and i only had cap owns accecories on it
this is the list of what got hacked off my account, most of it

CAP_OWN's items:
SSE +0
WE +0
Skelly belt +0
rom +0
rol +0

Other items borrowed from friends:
4x chitin +8, helm pads boots n gloves
+8 glave

My bros items:
+6 HB
DD 32 shield, that brown one
Lupus pendant

My items:
tota +7
FP helm +6 25 DD
Chitin +8 pauldron
+7 elixir

thats all i can remember atm

to the person that got my info by bribing sum1 else with my info and stole the items, thats fucked up,
i know u hate Cap_own and u did this cuz u hate him so much

a friend of mine is taking care of the warrior now
so now KratoZ isnt me anymore

anyway im quitting this game so bb all