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agreed, that happens when the temperature of the laptop goes very high , thing is that KO consumes alot (idk how) , but i can play hon, dota2, bf3 and such with my laptop without using my cooler , but each time i attempt to play ko my laptopt gets hot really fast and the game starts to get slow and then it reboots(happens when i forget to use the damn cooler ), gaming laptops are quite gay if you dont use them with a cooler .

ps: mine is a i7 pavilon , it doesnt get as hot as Alienware's ,but, asus tends to get hot really fast.
yea maybe i should invest in a cooler.

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henk, do you know if you can stop your pc from going into sleep mode? From the error you listed in the OP, it sounds like the laptop is messing up when it's left unattended too long and then tries to go into sleep/low-power state, which would be bad for a high-power consumption game like KO. Maybe try fiddling with the Power options in Control Panel so that it never tries to go to sleep, with maybe the most it does after long periods of inactivity to turn the monitor off (keep HD on and laptop in a powered state).

I had some power issues with my older laptop, but no BSOD's as a result. If you can fix your power settings so that they r more "high use-low conservation", then it should be fine.

Ye sounds like a plan =D i will try that and see if it works!

Thanks guys!