Fist of all, i'm Epic from Epic KO (GM_Epic) everybody who played and enjoy our server they are really know who i'm and how many i just work for Epic KO, and i didn't get any money about it (i will tell you about it)

1. I just join with ksm (Dan) on this project, we start togheter, on this project, everything just fine
2. I not sure why my name is stained with "scammer", because i didn't scammer any player in my whole life in this ko.
3. I not sure what doing Dan or who is the 3rd guy who scammer "TheReallizt"
4. I very angry because with my 2x accounts on this ko4life page, Epic and SirDeath
5. When i just finally start work alone on Eclipse KO, i get ban?, without nothing?
6. I swer on my life i get any money from Epic KO donations or something, some guys can agree this!
7. I not really sure what doing Dan, but i just speak on SNOXD what twostart tell everybody, and 100% know twostart helped with Epic KO PUS and more i think, but i didn't speak with twostart about it, only Dan just do.
8. When mortAl just calling me about this problem, here the proof:

[email protected]@@imm: and proofs @ snoxd
Alex: i didn't speak with Dan
Alex: over a week mby
[email protected]@@imm: okey
Alex: i don't know about him, if is dead, jail nothing
[email protected]@@imm: @ ko4life : 've seen the evidence and banned this guy.
Please pm me any infos you have about the people involved so I can create a topic in the hall of shame.

Phonixka,TheReallizt and Epic are now banned.

[email protected]@@imm: < you're banned.
[email protected]@@imm: This is why there cannot be nice things. - Knight Online private server development - Snoxd
[email protected]@@imm: here post.
[email protected]@@imm: DAN / realizt scammed.
[email protected]@@imm: im not sure if you were involved
[email protected]@@imm: but .
Alex: sec let me read
Alex: but twostart helped
Alex: dan
Alex: with ko+ and epic
Alex: dan told me..
Alex: ohh so Dan scam twostart
Alex: lol
[email protected]@@imm: I don't really care about that it was twostar who they scammed.
[email protected]@@imm: just overall I hate scamming
[email protected]@@imm: and its low.
Alex: yea, me too, i can't belive he doing it
Alex: because twostart helped me & dan a lot
Alex: with epic
Alex: i didn't get any $
Alex: from donations
Alex: dan was with money ect
Alex: i just worked
Alex: + all saved in my pc
Alex: files ect..
[email protected]@@imm: good for you
[email protected]@@imm: but I do suggest to change "epic" nick away.
[email protected]@@imm: its known now
[email protected]@@imm: and dan ruined it
Alex: so now i know why he just tell me:
Alex: let close epic
Alex: omg
Alex: i can't belive it really
Alex: omg i just wanna speak with him..
[email protected]@@imm: you should
Alex: omg
Alex: my name is in that big problems
Alex: omg..
[email protected]@@imm: yep
Alex: however we speak later
Alex: about this
Alex: i very angry
Alex: on dan

I just can tell you twostart and who get any scam from DAN, i just sorry because i work with this guy and i didn't think he scam you or rest people!

@ GM_Epic