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    I've been away for a while. Is the mail system disabled?

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    I've been away for a while. Is the mail system disabled?[/b]
    fuck off scammer.

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    no its not disabled the onley new is that u cant hold letter just 7 day than they got send back

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    fuck off scammer.[/b]

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    fuck off scammer.[/b]
    You are using the wrong term. I never scammed you. I just delvled your character and you deserved it. I never did anything to you before that but you kept calling mine and falah's clan noob because you just didn't like falah. 99% of the ppl in that clan were legit. I never babashopped anything and i never stole anything from anyone. I borrowed a cs from falah. That doesn't make me a scammer/duper/hacker. Go fuck yourself. You descriminated against our clan for no reason. Just because you and falah had previous history. You even said to me one time when i dueled you. "You are legit [email protected], I respect that, not like falah who has to buy all his shit from GM's." Then you kept badmouthing our clan because falah was buying CS's. Everyone babashops unless they were here from the beggining of the game and have really good gear to start out. Because then they don't need to babashop. You even babashopped and I know you said you regret it. But even you know that buying an In and IB got you high enough on other ppl's lists to be considered a good player. This game is 50% gear 25% lvl and 25% skill. you know that. So don't say that I scammed you. I did what I did because you had it comming. I was a legit player. I still am a legit player and I don't need you to tell me otherwise.


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