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its not posibile this config to get lags, its something else,

1. what kind of antivirus you use? > ( use Eset Smart Security or Nod32 antivirus- recommended.) Or what ever antivirus but you must know how to configure, so you wont have lags.

2. did you turn automatic updates > ( check once time per week when you dont run knight online )

3. turn off sheduled defraglments.

4. turn windows sound s off. > ( right click on desktop / Personalise / down righ corner / Sounds / choise NO SOUNDS.

5. right click on desktop / Personalise / Desktop Background / Solid Colours ( use white or black or what ever you want.

6. if u use Nvidia grahic card ( i see you dont use) go to Nvidia Control Panel / Adjust Imagesettings with Preview / select Use my preference emphasizing: turn quality off, select Performance.

7. I use 16 bit graphic both on PC and Knight Online, remember you must select both 16 bit, cuz you m8 have BLue Screen of Death.

If you need help pm me, I can configure your pc using Team Viewer.
I thought there is Blue screen for windows 7?

I think there is problem with your graphic card, maybe try to update drivers or smthg. Personally I can't even use integrated graphic card on my laptop something is broken.