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Modem to PC Disconect from Internet..

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    Hey everyone im having trouble with my modem that is directly connected to the computer with no routers... I will just randomly disconect sometimes the connection will be good for 2 hours sometimes it will only be good for 15 minutes its very unpredictable...

    I have a brandnew vista quad core computer equipped with 4gb of ram and 500gb of hardrive and a upgraded 256 mb graphics card so no issues there
    I have disabled my fire wall
    I have tryed "ipconfig/renew and ipconfig/flushdns" in CMD (Command Prompt) Didn't help
    i have tryed just about everything from restarting my computer to replacing cable and ethernet wires but im still disconecting.. its very hard surfing the web, gaming and chating to friends when i get discoencted its really pissing me off

    Here are some pics

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    wow no one can help me in 10 hours jump on the FAIL boat pl0x

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    ever tried to renew the OS of your modem?...

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    ever tried to renew the OS of your modem?...[/b]

    go control panel and disable ur internet connection. (local internet connection 1 usually) right click to disable
    then restart ur pc but have ur modem unplugged
    when u get back in replug ur modem wait 5mins and enable internet connection

    if that doesnt work
    go to command prompt type in
    then go back to control pannel right click internet connection
    double click internet tcp protocol
    and then click use following address and put in
    click ok it will give u a message click ok again and again
    wait 5mins again
    now right click internet connection again and click tcp protocol and click obtain automatically

    this should solve ur prob if it doesnt its on ur isp side

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    there are to many problems with this sux vista ... just get back to the older version

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    Hmm Try resetting the modem. Just unplug it for about 20-30 seconds and plug it back in.

    If that doesnt work, then go to Start-> Connect To-> Show all connections -> right click your active network connection and click disable. -> wait about 30 seconds then enable.

    If you are still experiencing this problem, do the same thing as the last step, except after you right click your connection, go to repair.

    This is they way i do it on my PC, but im using XP, i hope it works for you.
    I do disconnect a lot as well. Most of the time its just my provider being gay, or that the cable isnt securely in the wall or something.

    Edit : Also try ipconfig/release and then ipconfig/renew.

    If that of these work then get a new modem
    IF none of these work then its definitely your ISP.

    Vista and Quad Core ?


    Sell it back and buy a nice duo core and use XP.. :lol:

    Oh and one more thing, i see you have the same modem as me.
    If you still have the disc that came with it try using USB cables ( USB cable should have came with it as well )
    I used to use USB cable, the connection is a bit slower i think, but i never dc'ed.

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    What kind of modem do you have? The back looks like a Webstar, just tell me what lights are on the modem at this time ( power, online/internet/DS/US etc )


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