I've lost my knowledge on pc building so not sure about what the latest technologies are , need some motherboard recommendations PC's spec will be

Quad Core QX6700 (something like this name not sure)
2gb Matched Corsair Twin Memory
320GB WD HDD Sata 16mb Buffer
500GB WD HDD Sata 16mb Buffer
Geforce 880XT (the 768mb one)

The others aren't essential to me tbh, sound and graphics i can deal with later

Motherboard needs various

High bus speed (seen 1066 is this fastest atm?) expandability (need at least 3 SATA ports, 1 pci express, 3 or more pci slots), needs to support raid aswell

I'm not on a mega budget but I'd prefer a motherboard around 300 quid or less mark.

I'm going to be using the pc for some heavy ko gaming (fraps) , video editing, lots of porn :lol: , website hosting (considering 10000 rpm hdd but fuck that for the price)

Any other thoughts or suggestions

Max price without the LCD I'm aiming for is around 1600 quid. I can build it myself and configure it's piss easy. Just need advice on motherboard.

Operating system will be Windows XP Pro or something professional capable of IIS and hosting various web scripts (nothing with vista cos I think it's shite)