Hi eve1 just wondering if any of you that have a usb mouse r having this problem..
Mine works for about ten minutes then it stops ....if i leave it in the middle of the screen it will move to the Left and to the right and up and down all by itself... Now i removed the mouse driver and the usb port drivers to check and see if it was windows having the problem it's not (MY MOUSE IS BRAND NEW AND LIKE ALL MY OTHER MOUSES IT DOES THE SAME THING USB OR NOT) does anyone know how to fix this it only start to do this when Kol combined the beta patch to the regular KOL'S game, it really start to do this in war and ronark and i tho i do die alot there this problem with the mouse is making it eazy for the orc's to take my np specially when your trying to back up and your mouse said screw you and runs toward them and when it does that i try to hit the s button and the mouse over rides it ...(like i said it will go to the top of the screen with the target cursor still locked) any ideals how to solve this thx for your time