Hi, I have a question. I clean my cumputer with a compressor (put it at low). But when I tryied to start my cumputer, my power supply was not starting. I test my power supply and it is working good (with no motherboard). I through it was my motherboard but I succesful to start my pc after many try.

My problem now is I can shutdown my pc with START and STOP pc. Its works fine. But I can't shutdown my power supply (with the bottom). If I shutdown with my bottom from power supply, my cumptuer is very hard to start up again.

To start it back I need to plug/upplug alot of time every cable and some day its works/something isn't. I have no idea how I start it back.

If some one have a idea (maybe my motherboard going down) 5-6 years I have my pc And I tryied to format...

Sorry for my bad english I tryied to my best to explain my problem.

I7 2600k
Maximus IV gene-z
4x4go ddr3 1600
power supply 1000W
570 gtx nvida
windows 7 64 bit