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Here's one of the guides:
Step one :

Download this : Proxifier - Bypass firewall and proxy, tunnel connections through an HTTPS and SOCKS proxy

Try taking a look here : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/45060883/keygen.exe

OR /


Install, Register.

Step two :

Run proxifier as administrator.

Top left icon 'Proxy Servers' - Click it.
*This is where you will add proxy servers you find in the EU domain that work*

Click Add -

IP and PORT are things you need to google. I use a Socks 5 one, I'm sure you can find an EU one on your own.

You can click 'Check' for obvious purposes when you're running through IPs you find.

Found a working proxy ? Great, next step !

Second icon in Proxifier, is Proxification Rules. Click it !

Click Add :

Name it whatever you want.

Under Applications :

Browse and find C:\nttgame\knightonline.exe *Not the launcher*
Select that.

Action - an option at the bottom of the window, is there, select the Proxy you would like to use when knightonline.exe is connecting.

Click Ok. *It should be added now*

You'll see some check marks, possibly beside Localhost and your newly created Proxification rule. When you see a check mark here, that rule is set and running. Remember that. You dont need the localhost btw.


Step Three :

Connect to the server, proxifier should automatically start up after the launcher. Once you login to the server , *ONCE YOU SEE THE SERVER SELECT SCREEN* , you've bypassed the IP Ban. Alt - Tab back out to Proxifier, open up Proxification Rules again (Second Icon), UNCHECK your euko rule. Alt - Tab back to EUKO and connect to the server.

You should connect directly to the game server.
Yeah, you're welcome, beoooooootch.......