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New Player Tips

This is a discussion on New Player Tips within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Here is jst a lil usefull guide for newbe players! ###Sticky This### Party Guides farm - To mass kill a ...
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    Default New Player Tips

    Here is jst a lil usefull guide for newbe players!

    ###Sticky This###

    Party Guides

    farm - To mass kill a certain monster for money normaly
    KS - Kill steal
    exp or XP - Experience
    leech - To gain experience from the party while doing nothing
    tnl - (XP) To next level

    ++++ - buff
    <<<< or >>>> - swift
    ac - mage or priest armor buff
    wolf - Rogue's Strength of Wolf skill
    LR - Lightning Resist
    FR - Flame Resist
    GR - Glacier Resist
    RB or rebuff - cancel your buffs and wait for rebuff
    RS or reswift - cancel swift and wait for reswift
    clear or c - cancel your buffs

    TP - Teleport / teleport player (mage spell)
    esc - The mage spell 'escape' that teleports your whole party to the respawn point

    DoT - Damage over time
    AOE - Area of Effect (lvl33, lvl45, lvl60 and lvl70 mage spell)
    chill - mage's slowing DoT skill (Glacier skill)

    afk - away from keyboard AKA "I want to leech for a while"
    brb - be right back
    omw - on my way
    bb - bye bye
    cya - See you
    gn - good night

    Character Types

    buffer - priest that put skill points into Aura(ElMorad), Ecstacy(Karus)
    duffer, debuffer, or curser - priest that put skill points into Holy Spirit(ElMorad), Talisman(Karus)
    rezzer - priest that can resurrect people (lvl 33, lvl 42, lvl 54 duffer)
    voker - warrior with lvl 45 defence skill provoke
    sin - assassin
    warr - warrior


    CSW - Castle Seige War
    LW - Lunar War
    DLW - Dark Lunar War

    chicken - Mog or a player who is currently on the beginners quest
    noob - Mog
    GM - Game Master / game moderator

    HP - hit points
    MP - mana points (not magic power)
    NP or NPs - national points
    MPs - manner points

    CZ - colony zone
    PK - player killer / player killing / player kill
    PvP - Player versus Player
    PvM - Player versus Monster

    BUS - blessed upgrade scroll
    CUS - cursed upgrade scroll
    T1, T2, T3.... - Tier1, Tier2, Tier3.... (used for describing armor classes)
    FL - Flame
    GL - Glacier
    LT - LighTning
    MPa - Mana absorb

    CS - customer support

    XB - crossbow
    IronX - Iron Crossbow IB - Iron Belt / Iron Bow
    MD or Mirage - Mirage Dagger
    MS - Mirage Sword
    TC - Totamic Club

    RoC - Ring of Courage
    RoL - Ring of Life
    RoM - Ring of Magic
    WE - Warrior Earring
    EP - Elemental Necklace
    WP - Warrior Pendant
    IN - Iron Necklace
    SS - Scorpion Shield
    CS - Chitin Shield
    CB - Chitin Bow

    GB - Gold bar < lol
    coins - usually refered so when PK as Bronze Coins for 10K money

    Monster Names

    deru - Deruvish
    apos - Apostle
    DM - Dark mare
    FA - Fallen Angel
    CW - Crimson Wing
    DK - Death Knight
    AK - Ash Knight
    DTS - Dragon Tooth Skeleton

    DT - Dragon Tooth (boss)
    DF - Deruvish Founder (boss)
    TK - Troll King (boss)
    HQ - Harpy Queen (boss)
    SK - Snake Queen (boss)

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    nice guide Necro

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    cheers man found it on my pc thought it might be usefull, please people feel free to add wat i have missed out.

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    sticky plx

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    Originally posted by SirKn1ght
    sticky pls
    :P i agree, this will help alot of new players out aka chickens

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    Lol check this guide out i found on a Website... better then necros ^_^

    North America - Hosted by K2 Network - Currently Free to Play, but they have instituted policies making free play more difficult in order to push people to pay for premium. For example, at peak hours it is difficult to log into the game unless you have paid for a premium account.
    Malaysia - Hosted by Egames - Currently Free to Play.
    Korea - Hosted by Mgame - Currently Free to Play.
    Japan - Hosted by Terra Corp. - Currently Free to Play.
    China - Hosted by SOHU - Currently Pay to Play.

    lol it knows all

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    that ones crap mynes way better 8) thats also usefull to!

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    Lol bfs this ones pwns yours

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    Narh i dont think so, anyway myne owns full stop!


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