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Nice bp guide

This is a discussion on Nice bp guide within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; made by C4pt4in: (copied from tk forum) Ok, since there havent been a BP guide, I would like to write ...
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    Default Nice bp guide

    made by C4pt4in:
    (copied from tk forum)
    Ok, since there havent been a BP guide, I would like to write one (at least I cant find one)

    Firstly, u have to know BP have very low HP and def compare to int priest, many ppl get a big surprise when they restat to a BP from int priest, and even at lvl 60+ u still only have around 600~700HP without any jews, so thats very normal.


    For xping u just need a large breaker +6/MP, since priests have spear penalty, so thats the only mp weapon they can use. (a MP hammer can be used too )

    For pking I would say u need at least a mirage sword +6 or +7 for older server, a sword like durandal +7 is also oki, but wouldnt kick too much ass..

    For servers like ares, xig, bera, cyp try get a hell breaker +6/+7 or Iron impact +7. Since ppl rarely use club def, so these weapons would sometimes or mostly more dmg than a mirage sword +8.


    BPs are like a paper mage with lousy HP and def, so therefore if u wanna be a ownage BP, u must get some nice uniques to kick ass.

    A BP must had these at least to do some decent pking:
    At least 1 Diamond ring
    Lupus pendant or WP
    Kekuri belt
    Earring can just be +9 str

    The best and the ultimate jews u can get for a BP would like:
    Iron necklace or WP
    Iron belt or Glass belt
    Dual ROC
    Dual WE


    If u have no uniques jews then I would suggest u to use some HP armor part to cover up the HP "lost". Before lvl 65 u should use goblins fabric and pad, and some +8/HP cap, shoes, gloves. After lvl 65 u should have enough stats points to get full str and enough int to wear +8 fabric, so try that out too. With a full set of +8 u can get more def but none elemental resistance, so its kinda situation that decide what armor to use. For pking I would still use goblin fabric and pad cause of the massive paper mages around, and for big bosses use +8 HP set, if u have really nice uniques, then u can afford to use STR bonus instead. Just make sure u have at least 1200~1500HP unbuffed.

    For pking a dagger def cap +6 is a MUST! Without that u are as good as a free 50NP for any rogue. And also try wear a spear def +5 boots if u have that. With that 2 weapon def armor u can tank the 2 worst class for BP =)

    Make sure u also have a lot of magic hammers in ur inventory cuz paper armors get easily broken by acid pots.


    As a BP u have very low mana, so being a full healer as BP is really bad idea. Mostly BPs are being used for lvling purpose, so for that stay buff/heal.

    For pking judgment, 1920HP heal and malice is very important, so when u reach 62 make sure u have judgment, 1920HP heal and malice even tho u may sacrifice massive or 300 AC.

    If u dont planning to lvling further, then u should reskill to debuff/heal, at lvl 62 u can have judgment, 1920HP heal and torment. When u reach 63 u can have these 3 AND massive too. If thats not enough, go for 65 and get absoluteness, but then stay buff/heal till that.

    Strategy in 1vs1 (playing a BP is about duff, so these are very important to know):

    VS Rogues:

    This class is the most dangerous class against BP, u need to have all 3 debuff skills ready (malice, para, torment) having massive too is even better.
    When sin starting to spike u from stealth, start pots right away, and also press Z to target him, and then starting to cast malice. (DONT just run away and running a straight line, cuz if u dont attack him, he will combo at u perfectly, and u will die by the time) If his combo keep cancelling ur duff try move a bit, and then duff again. After he is duffed he will prolly trying to cure (watch closely to his animation), if he try to cure it, start cast para right away, so after he cured malice he is paraed, if he still trying to cure then start to cast torment, and in meantime ur malice should be ready again. Doing this till he stop curing, if he doesnt cure one of these duffs, start pots and use judgment, he wont beat u if u hit fast enough, and he will die very fast cuz of duffs.

    If the rogue hits really hard, try also use massive instead of torment/para.

    VS Warriors:

    This class can be a big threat to BP too, so dont tank warriors and slide them if possible. If his scream or leg cut successed, start curing RIGHT AWAY.
    Since sword dance use 100 more mana than judgment so they will die by the time cuz of souls poting.

    Mostly malice is enough to warriors, but if the warrior have good gear, then u also need to use para. And if he have a raptor +8, then use massive too.

    VS Mages:

    This class is one of the easist one in 1vs1, when u see a paper mage, use malice or torment and start to hit and spam pots (dont waste time using para, cuz they will just /town). If ur HP is going too low, then use a 1920HP heal, chances of getting cancelled is not very high, since most mages are fire

    VS BPs:

    This class can be easy or can be hard. Its all depending on both's debuffing skills. Cast skills exaclty the same way as u do to rogues, and cure his duff right away. The whole process with 1vs1 BP is about timing, the one who stops duffing and dont curing would be the loser, no matter how good his gear are. If he starting to duff u in the middle of the battle, decide to cure or not by looking at his HP, If his HP is below 40~50% already, then just smash till he is dead.

    VS party:

    Against a whole party u must know what is ur limits, the first couple party rush u will mostly die cuz of all fire pillars, spikes and SD.. U must know how many pillars and spikes/SD u can tank. If u know u cant tank this party, dont bother rush to it cuz u have crappy def and HP compare to a warrior who can just rush to anything. If u are rushing to a mage party and getting too many novas and starting redballing, start a 1920 HP heal right away, and spam HP pots too.
    Mostly a torment at a mage army will make them to free NP, but always watch ur HP and who u are against to.

    That's all I know.. :]

    Feel free to correct or add something I might missed, Im not a pro pker but those should give u some idea how to use a BP

    Good luck

    Maybe sticky ?

    Thx c4pt4in

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    Some skills before hitting CZ.

    First, comboing. Get this down. You must be able to do this blind folded. Hp potting while you combo is must. Mana and hp potting while tanking, good luck. Remember you can't use both mana and hp at the same time, thus time it. A good time to use mana pot is when you have 400-600 mana left. This way you have 1 or 2 judgements before the pot reach you.

    Rogue: malice/torment and parasite are equally deadly. Vs very powerful rogues with high def, then malice is more important.

    Warrior: malice/torment is better than parasite. I learned this when 1v1 a warrior after a parasited him and we could not kill each other for about 2 mins. Next few rounds I maliced him and won every time.

    Int Priest: like warriors malice/torment over parasite. Some of weak priest, parasite is just as deadly. Keep in mind what when priest cures parasite she gains 1500 hp.

    Str Priest: Malice == dead. You would be hitting her for over 1000 per hit. that means dead in 3 or 4 hits.

    Hybird priest: hp priest ==> malice, fp bp priest ==> parasite. fp int priest ==> malice.

    Int Mages: Any duff and they are dead. I would keep torment ready before if the mage tp someone you can torment that area for more np.

    Paper Mage: malice or parasite are equally deadly. Personally malice first because mage tend to gate after parasite.

    General stratagies.
    Sins: survive to get the first duff. then heal if needed. Any duff on average sin means 3 or 4 hit dead. After the first spike, you have 10 seconds to kill him. At 7 secs if you are not at full hp, then better heal up for the spike.

    Archers: 1v1 i dont' think anyone could win. If plays mr lightfeet, then both are just wasting mana. Cast a massive or duff and leave him.

    Warrior: this will be your longest match. Either full duff or malice/tank. Keep in mind 2 things, he will get the first attack while you malice and second he has to use mana pot every 6 hits.

    Mages duff and hack ans slash. Careful about ice and lightling. I have lr and ir talia ready.

    Know your limits. 1 v 1 with full duff is easy, 2 v 1 with duff is harder, 3 v 1 is hard. 8 v 1 is may the force be with you.

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    erm thx.. :unsure: but I already wrote a newer version here at this forum, its at my signature

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    hmm didn't see lol xD
    Teach me how to combo plz :P

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    Capatain's guide is too long, but priestish forgot 1 thing, fine enough scrolled int priest will cure himself fast, means you won't be able to kill him unless he got no pots or your combo is damn good and you can cancel all his skills.


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