Ok letss see i have nortan. And when i turn nortan on and try to load in KO all i get to is the loading screen character data and when it hits 99 KO turns off on me and pups up Thank you for playing knightonline when i didn't even get a chance too.

But before when i turned it off it would let me in KO np at all. But i cant turn if off because my dad puts a password on nortan and im un able to turn it off. My dad says Its KO and the slow server and other people trying to logg on that DCs me. That cant be becuase i always logg in with full servers with nortan OFF ( I am premuim). Is KO a trojan or have viruses that nortan is detecting?????

I was woundering if anyone new away that i can get in KO with nortan on or somhow turn it off without my dad noticing lol

I know its wierd but thats IT

THank you