I finally got the problem fixed, heres what i wrote:

X Trap failure repeatedly, failure to login, it takes me about 1 hr sometimes to login, is there a solution to this? I downloaded from download.com and it updated all the updates. It seems to have gotten worse with the maintance, I play on Aries! I do use premium on 1 character at least, cant get it on 2 b/c of the delete character problem so i had to create a new account.

It actually started taking me more like 1/2 the day to login or more. The problem was that i had too many maintance programs, too many antivurus programs (even though only 1 was running) and wireless network monitor. I uninstalled the things really not needed and took the advice i found on the forums about disabling Nortons (Symantic) AV bofore i login and no more problems, im straight in everytime. Except for the non preme times, my preme ran out and i have to renew. Hope this helps someone!